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The Golden Dream

The Golden Dream tells the story of a man who overcomes great odds and achieves much more than most ever dream of - freedom from oppression and success in life and love. Nonetheless, he cannot stop fighting demons - a perpetual quest to rid the world of evil deprives him of the joy that should be his and ultimately leads to his undoing.

In a poverty-stricken medieval town, the murder of his father by the son of an oppressive king motivates a young man to lead a rebellion. After overthrowing the king and taking his throne, the man begins to dispense rewards and punishments. It is not long before he realizes that he lacks the temperament for the politics of court. He also has taken note of a beautiful young lady there but, because of abuse suffered by her family at the hands of the old king, she has vowed never to be dependent on those who might hold power over her. After she spurns his advances, the young king grows further frustrated. He is reinvigorated when word comes that a dark knight is tormenting people on the outskirts of the realm. Deciding that stopping such evil must be his true calling, the king orders his men to prepare for battle. Meanwhile, the young lady has confessed her true feelings to her mother and, finally, king and lady acknowledge their love for each other. On the day of their wedding, the dark knight attacks closer to home and the king leaves his bride to pursue him.

Fifteen years later, the king and his men return from yet another battle and are warmly welcomed home. While they celebrate and rest, the dark knight lurks nearby and lays out his plan to entrap the king. When the king makes ready to leave yet again, his wife and friend implore him not to go and the people sense that their idyllic kingdom is slipping out of their grasp. One night, in a campground with his troops near exhaustion, the king admits the error of his ways and resolves that this battle will be his last. The battle rages again until the king finally traps the dark knight, who is revealed to be the son of the old king. The two men confront each other with the knowledge that each has killed the other's father. However, the dark knight is unmoved and, a few moments later, turns the tide against the king. As the remaining men from his once grand army retrieve his body, the king’s spirit appears, reminiscing for all that he had and lost. For a moment, the king and his wife are together again, then the images of glory fade away.

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The Golden Dream, a musical play by J.A.Syiek